Hi All
Have been having problems with my car since the rocker cover was replaced last week.
Car is shuddering between 1500 and 2500 revs.
Where the injectors are seated on the rocker cover there is a pool of black oily substance.
Took out an injector on Fri and the same oily substance was on the injector shaft.
One injector was reading high at idle 5.16.
I am wondering if the injector might have been damaged whilst being removed. Mechanic had a hard time removing it.
Really at my wits end as this is the fourth time the car has let me down in the last year.
I have ordered two injectors from ebay so will have them later in the week.
I have cleaned the EGR, Boost sensor, MAF sensor and checked all pipes prior to posting here.
Thanks in advance for your help, advice