Hello everyone,
first of all i d like to apologise if this has been answered before but i tried searching and was still help less.

My opel vectra after heavy rains of 2 days (and car was not being used) refused to start. the battery was dead. Had to jumpstart. Also noticed that very time when the battery drained the engine oil too leaked. The car had no such problems earlier.
The oil had been leaking from the oil level sensor and i had to apply m-seal in order to block it. oil leak problem is now solved.

If the car is not used for more than 24 hrs (after a full bat charge) the battery dies and i need to jump start it. I got it diagnosed from a local garage and the OBC shows weird results. It shows errors for all sensors (parking, air pressure, etc etc ) which work flawlessly. The errors get deleted but re appear after sooner later.

The garage people feel some sensor is draining the battery. Dont know what it could be. Vectra is not common here in india and OPEL is not officially here. Hence i really can't diagnose exactly what could it be.

PS- all fuses are okay.

Can it be the ECM? or a faulty sensor ? or a faulty Head unit connection- CCR2006 ( coz prior to this i had an after market ICE in my vectra, now its all stock again and CCR2006 has some problems in it too)

Additional info:
Petrol 147bhp 2.2L ECOTEC,sedan.
Broken ignition barrel
faulty cabin air sensor since along time

Thanks alot.I really love my car and i really want to restore it. Thanks all once again.