Hi again folks yet another post for my signum project.

I currently have the CCR2006 4disc changer but it has falling to the typical cd fail. So i went looking for a replacement and found a CCRT2008, i also velieve this was a rare option this is the mobile phone 4 disc cd changer in one unit. What do i have to do to make this work in my car? I know it works but nothing comes up on my MFD. I have sound and cd works but there is a beep every 5 seconds or so and have no clue why or how to stop it.

what do i need to do for exchanging? If i have my MFD reset will it work with the stereo or should i change the screen? If i change screen what one would work?

I also found a nav unit with colour screen an obviously arial base should i just be sensible? Got to admit i like the inbuilt phone feature. Again any help would be appreciated.