Got a couple of things lol i bought a ccrt2008 to replace my ccr2006 thinkin straight swap but realised after i put it in wouldnt be a straight forward change over. Done research an realises the infamous tech2 lol. The ccrt works i get radion and cd but no display and a constant beep what would i need to make this work in my signum?

Impulse buy number 2! Yep there is another, i was lucky enough to find a set of pre facelift AFL headlights, again not thinkin what would be involved in installation. I know these are hard to come buy but wo.dering if i should keep or sell?, if i try to fit to my car how hard is the convertion and what would i need from donor car as i can go back an get everything from it as car is still there,

Help lol or should i be sensible and sell the ccrt2008 and the AFL lights and save myself the work.