Little Bobby was in a car crash when he was 4 years old. As a result of
his injury he was blind. All of the doctors tests and operations could
not restore Bobbys' sight.

One evening when he was heading up to bed his mother said to him.

"Bobby do you know what night this is?"

"No mommy what night is it?" Said Bobby as he felt along the wall to his
bed room.

"This is wish night, and if a child wishes real hard on this night it
will come true"

"Really???!!!!" said Bobby. "Could I see again???!!!!"

"Yes." Said his mother as she tucked him into the bed. "But only if you
wish very hard.

Little Bobby sat in his bed wishing. He wished as hard as he could. He
held his breath so he could put the energy for breathing in to wishing.
His little body rocked back and forth his finger nails cut into the
palms of his hands as he gripped them into fists. Just before 4 am the
little boy fell asleep exhausted.

When his mother woke him up the next day Bobby said. "Mommy... Mommy...
I still can't see!"

"I know", said his mother, "April fools."