A cab driver has been accused of speeding in his Vauxhall Cavalier - at 420mph! I want one of those!!!!!!!!!!

Tom Matthews was snapped in his 12-year-old diesel car in a 30mph zone. He received notice of a £60 fine and three penalty points - and then he saw the recorded speed was 420mph.

"I drive an old Cavalier, not a jumbo jet," Tom, 34, told The Sun. "According to this I've broken the land speed record."

Tom was clocked as he drove a woman home in Newport, Gwent, at 2.20am. Mid and South Wales Safety Camera Partnership apologised and blamed "an employee processing error".

Tom says he will fight the penalty notice if he has to.
"There has been a printing error. If they insist I was going that fast I should be a Grand Prix driver - I'm wasted in taxis," he said.