The hooooooooooooooooowl from the turbo is getting quite bad on my car now. It's a CDTi 150 with quite an agressive remap currently making about 190bhp. Its been howling worse and worse for the last 5000 miles and is starting to feel like it hasn't got as much pull as it used to. I've read up on Nutron and Harveys threads which has given me a good amount of knowledge and ideas.

I'm aiming to take the car to 220bhp but obviously not on the standard shagged turbo. Can the people that have had their turbos modified give me a shout and point me in the right direction to get a turbo built up? I've seen Turbo Technics, AET Turbos and TDi Turbos mentioned but I'm not sure who to go with. If I've seen your build threads too you may get a PM off me too!