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Thread: That time of year has come again!

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    Default That time of year has come again!

    That time of year has arrived. Although it is not the end of September until next weekend, this was my free weekend to get the car all clean and put away for the winter.

    So off with the wheels to clean them and the arches etc.

    So, car all cleaned inside and out. Left outside for most of the day to ensure everything was dry. All brakes had the water blown out and a 1/2 mile drive to ensure all standing water is gone.

    Once back, the car was jacked up again to wipe off any brake dust cause by the short drive!

    So the Garage had a good tidy. Not that it was untidy before!

    In she went! Managed to get ger just a few inches from the wall!

    As she will be sitting here until April 2013, the dust was blown off the Ctek battery conditioner was put back into use!

    The tyres were drained of air, and replaced with air pumped to 40psi as she will be standing for 6 months.

    New cover on and thats it!

    So she won't see the light of day again until April 1st 2013.

    Jobs and parts to collect ready for 2013 are :-

    Two new front wheel arch liners. Some how on came loose and rubbed against the tyre on full lock, so it's knackered.

    New Passenger side out driveshaft gator, as the original weeps a little grease after a while.

    Source new tail pipes for the Irmscher duplex exhaust.

    Steve at CCS will be re-trimming the roof lid in Leather with a little bit of stitch detailing.

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    Vehicle : Vectra

    Trim : SRi (VXR Styling)

    Engine : Z19DTH (Re-mapped)

    Year : 04

    Mileage : 140k


    I still really want one for a side project when we eventually move, can see me doing similar. It's a credit to you

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