Just thought i'd take the time to say hello, just got my second vectra c after my 2002 1.8 LS was written off whilst on holiday in the new forest this august. Luckly no one was hurt, and the car was still driveable unlike the guys in the mazda 323 that hit us.Unfortunately my LS was deemed to expensive to repair, was sad to see the car go after 9yrs of trouble free motoring and having just put a new exhaust system and 4 new falken 912's on it, oh well. I now have a 58 plate 1.8 16v vvt sri in sapphire black with only 19,600 on the clock. Only downside is it's black so i'll have to keep it clean more often and it has the dreaded goodyear nct5 made in you guessed it "Solvenia" but they are dated 2008 so hope they are ok now, after reading threads about them. To much tread on them to change them just yet.Thought i'd also share with you all some of the other vectra c's i've had the pleasure of working on whilst in my job at a Graphics company who looked after the 888 run vauxhall touring cars.000_3098.jpg2011-03-16 13.39.12.jpgCIMG2700.jpgDSCF3038.jpgDSCN0862.jpg God i hate pink !DSCN3568.jpg Not a black car any more. ! And yes it's all vinyl.DSCN3569.jpgDSCN3570.jpgVXR-12.jpg
Unfortunately we now have to look after Jason Plato's MG Touring car instead, it's not a Vectra by ameans, but that's work.