Evening all,

My 2.0DTI has been a bit lumpy when I start it in the morning lately so today I changed the glowplugs thinking they were the cause.
But when I started it with the new glowplugs it was very lumpy & then calmed down after 10-15 seconds.
It was also letting out a little bit of smoke when I started it cold, I have seen a lot of people saying about the EGR valve on the 1.9CDTI causing a bit of smoke but does that also apply to the 2.0DTI ?
I have also seen a couple of people saying that the engine can be lumpy when the flywheel needs doing which has got my worrying !
The car has 130k on the clock, was serviced 6k ago (planning to service it next week with castrol edge 5w40, used mobil for the last one & its crap compared to edge) & the engine is very well looked after.
Thanks in advance !