Hi All,

Having some weird issue with my Vectra (2003 1.8L LS 16V). Wondered could someone help.
Since two weeks ago every time i go to start the car there is nothing, no ticking noise but the dash lights are on and the clock lights on etc.
The only way i can get around it is to lock and unlock the car with the key fob, sometimes several times before finally the engine starts when i turn the key.
I can live with that so didn't do anything or worry too much.
However, now on some occasions the engine suddenly dies several times when actually driving, and again i have to do the old lock/unlock trick a couple of times before being able to restart it.
Had it down to the garage but unfortunately it didnt happen when it was there and they couldnt see anything wrong...alternator, battery etc fine and the computer showed up nothing.
One thing i have noted once when it happened was that when the engine dies the battery light comes on and on maybe two occasions when i tried to restart (unsuccessfully) the yellow dashboard symbol of
a steering wheel with an exclamation mark came up (and it did feel like the power sterring was off), then eventually i did get it started and this disappeared.
Can anyone give me any ideas as to what this could be?
Maybe someone else has had the same experience?
What can I ultimately do if the garage cant see anything...i dont fancy driving this car on the motorway in its current shape.

Thanks in advance for any help/tips!