Hey how you going?

I got a Holden Vectra cdxi 3.2L v6, it was leaking oil from the cam cover.
Instead of taking it to the mechanic, i decided to follow this guide http://www.vectra-c.com/forum/showth...ighlight=spark and change the gaskets myself.
while i was changing the gasket i noticed that coil packs were drenched in oil so i took them out and cleaned them up.
i then changed the cam cover gasket and put it back together.
Upon starting the car seemed as if it was misifiring so i went and bought new coil packs and spark plugs put them in and seem to be having the same problem but with the only added benifit of a ticking noise and oil appearing in the coolant.
When you remove the airflow sensor it runs smoother but with the ticking noise still there?

Any Ideas?