Hi guys i will be picking my vectra up tomrrow from the garage i bought it from 2 weeks ago, i took it in today as they are fitting me a new inlet manifold under warranty which im pretty impressed by as they are only a small used car dealer and top it off they are fitting me the new timing belt i bought for it for free whilst its stripped down!!

My question is i have bought a egr blank and some uprated vac pipes that i plan to fit tomrrow afternoon along with a oil catch tank (i have been doing some reasearch) but what i want to know will it upset the dpf filter if i block the egr off???

I will be ripping the internals out of the dpf shortly and getting it deleted along with the egr and having it remaped all by MAS performance but it propbably wont be until next month when i have time to get across to him so i just want to be sure it wont go into limp mode or anything if i block the egr before getting this done, i relise it will throw the EM light on but this doesnt bother me aslong as it still drives fine.

And one more question can someone confirm the ID of the breather pipes i need to route to my homemade catch tank as i need to get some pipe tomrrow?

Thanks in advance!!!