The vectra has been a nightmare the last couple of weeks.

Been running fine for a couple of years then

power steering light came on. Went off

Engine management light came on, went off.

Driver side window won't auto close when you press the button for a while.

The power steering stopped working

The alternator light came on stayed on and the abs flashed

So I changed the alternator but now the car is still just as bad and will only really start if I disconnect the battery for 20 secs then reconnect.

I have cleaned all the contacts for the CIM, abs plug etc but nothing. So I am all out of ideas and will have to get a mechanic to have a look and sort it.

I think the CIM might need replacing, but think that will need to be done with a tech 2 machine ? the two local Now Vauxhall garages near me have seriously bad reviews about "job finding" and increasing invoices after work so I would like to find someone near me ( egham ) who could do the work.

Any recommendations or suggestions ?