Yes I know, many members on VxSCC said a while ago, that once I returned the Zafira back to standard I would regret losing the 260bhp and 270lb/ft.

I admit, I was a bit hasty in doing it. So I have made amends. But at the time I was thinking of selling it.

Went to Courtenay yesterday and had the car re-mapped to the spec it is now.

Spec is :-

Courtenay Front Mounted Intercooler
Courtenay pre cat pipe
Modded air box and K&N Filter
Standard exhaust & Cat
Custom CS3 Re-map
Iridium Plugs


254bhp @ 5608rpm (212 bhp at the wheels)
263.5 lb/ft

Min Ambient Temp 26 deg C
Max Air Temp 36 Deg C
Barometric Pressure 1010mb

Over all it is a much smoother and easier car to drive and quicker point to point than the spec it was before.

Spec wise, the only difference between now and before is the loss of the Milltek System and Courtenay Sports Cat. The nice thing is that from the rear with the standard tailpipe it does not look as if anything is different from standard. Also it is as quiet as a standard car, which now I am getting old is nice.

I have put some pics in the Non Vectra C/Signum gallery here.