Hey all,

Just wanted to run this by everyone to see if anyone can point me in the right direction.

Vectra C 2L Turbo

I am getting a rattling/Chirpping sound which when can only be heard if the drivers window is open. It appears to be coming from somewhere forward from when i stick my ear outside the window.

I dont hear it when driving normally, but it is evident if i am climbing a hill and in too higher gear and speed starts to bleed off.

Having read a few posts, the closest thing i could relate the sound to would be the likes of a jubilee clip which has come loose and rattling around something like the exhaust pipe.

As said, it only happens at certain speed, so seems to be frequency related.

I dont have the ability to get under the car to take a look, so thought i would get a few ideas of what it might be before i can possibly get it up on a mates lift.

Cheers for any advice.