Well, I had a couple of days "off" before I start my new job, so decided to do a few of those intensive little jobs that take a day no matter what you do,,,

Sorry no pictures were taken of the process but once I wash them after todays dreadful rain some completed pics will be put up.

My ingredients.
I went along to a paint specialist in Kilmarnock and bought
600 and 1200 wet & dry
2 x 500ml Upol Power can grey primer
2 x 500ml wheel silver metallic (not star silver I now slightly regret but hey!!)
2 x 500ml Upol scratch resistant laquer
1 x 300ml Cellulose putty filler
1 x pack of tack rags

My alloys were all well worn, after 69.5K they had every reason to be tired and marked / chipped, so I set about them with a strong cleaning solution of G101 at 5:1, then Tardis, then another soaping off followed by a towel drying.

I set to work sanding the original finish lightly to retain it I was not going back to alloy here. I filled in the deeper pock marks and the scuffs made by a Gorilla masquerading as a tyre fitter

I left it all to harden then wet sanded it back.

I gave a light dusting of primer over the newly prepared surface after carefully masking the tyres off.

Once it had flashed over I gave another coating and the high build properties ensured that the surface was now lovely and smooth.

I heated the garage up to improve the curing process and time, then after a very light wet sand, dry, tack rag.

I applied the silver and immediately wasn't 100% happy however the result on the car is quite good (I will let you see later I promise)

I gave the wheels three decent coats (one mist coat then two even coats of the wheel silver, then allowed it to cure.

More coffee and biscuits later, it was time for a very gentle wet sand with 1200. All done and dry, time for laquer.

I did this over two days to be honest a good first and second coating 24 hour cure.

Wet sanded.

Further laquer
And here is a top tip. I had to remove all masking so before the final laquer coat, I removed the wheels cleaned and prep'd them then use silicone tyre dressing on the tyres to save overspray, this worked like a charm!!!

I re-laquered the rims and let them flash over before putting them back on and doing the final pair.

Last step was to use a wet sanding then a very mild cutting polish to bring up a shine.

As I said I will post up clean finished pics as this morning the car was out in the monsoon for the timing belt change!

I have not done a job like this for yonks really enjoyed myself but back breaking without my bench now a days. The total cost? £28 the result? I am happy with but next time would revert back to Star silver.