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Thread: Vectra VXR - Highly modified

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    Default Vectra VXR - Highly modified

    Vectra VXR 2.8 Turbo – Highly Modified

    ’07’ plate - Registered May 2007

    41,000 miles
    12 months MOT (as from 1st August 2012)
    12 months Road Tax (as from 1st August 2012)

    2 Previous Owners on log book (although 2nd owner never took delivery of car, due to personal circumstances)
    No accidents, totally original paintwork and I’ve owned the car from 1,998 miles. Ex demo

    Private Number Plate included – S111 VXR


    This is an exceptionally high standard Vectra VXR owned and maintained by an enthusiast with no expense spared. Highly modified and highly respected with multiple Specialist Magazine features including front cover articles. Low mileage example with full documentation, step by step vehicle history recorded on car forums and YouTube onboard videos of performance events.

    A final Test Drive will be available and only at the final stage of purchase. If you want to know how this car performs, take a look at my YouTube Video’s

    YouTube Channel

    I’m happy to discuss this car in more detail if required and please contact me via email or Private Message before this car goes out on sale to a wider audience.

    Reason for sale : Would like to move onto another project.

    Asking Price is £15,000 – No Part Exchange

    I’m prepared to negotiate on price with genuine buyers.
    Please send me an email or Private Message if you are interested.

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    Factory Modifications / Upgrades

    - Sapphire Black Two Coat Pearlescent Paintwork

    - Bluetooth Mobile Phone System
    - Front and Rear Parking Sensors
    - Climate Control (Advanced Air Conditioning)
    - CD70 CD Player with Satellite Navigation
    - Adaptive Forward Lighting (Xenon Headlights) with headlight wash

    Service History & Recalls

    Full Service History with regular oil & filter changes

    - Running American Oils R600+ Brake Fluid (Fitted 33,540)
    - Running Gulf Competition Engine Oil 5w-40 (Fitted 36,687)
    - Running Vauxhall Gearbox Oil (Fitted 39,690)
    - Running STP Fuel Injector Cleaner (Fitted 40,000)
    - New Rear Brake Discs & Pads (Fitted 40,000)
    - New Front AP Racing Brake Discs (Fitted 40,000)
    - New Front Ferodo DS-2500 Racing Brake Pads (Fitted 40,000)
    - New 5 Paddle Racing Clutch & Flywheel (Fitted 39,690)
    - New Fuel Filter (Fitted 33,540)
    - New Insignia VXR Turbo (Fitted 33,540)
    - New Uprated Water Radiator (Fitted 33,540)
    - New 3” Exhaust Downpipe (Fitted 33,540)
    - New NGK R7438-8 Racing Spark Plugs (Fitted 33,540)
    - New AP Racing Calliper Seals (Fitted 33,540)
    - New KW Variant 2 INOX Suspension (Fitted 29,940)
    - New Miele Drop Links (Fitted 30,000)

    - Customer Satisfaction Programme Recall – Handbrake - Done 23/02/2009
    - Customer Satisfaction Programme Recall – Expansion Tank – Done 10/09/2009
    - Windscreen Wiper Motor Replaced under warranty

    Power Results and Notable Achievements

    - 400 BHP running Nitrous Oxide / 4,500 RPM and above
    - 330 BHP running normal turbo / Peak power @ 4,700 RPM
    - 430 Lb/ft (582 nm) torque / Peak torque @ 3,700 RPM

    - Quarter Mile Time = 14.1 seconds @ 103.75 mpg (without NOS)
    - Standing 1 Mile Time = 34.93 seconds @ 149.22 mph (with NOS)
    - Nurburgring Time BTG = 8 minutes 56 seconds (without NOS, Stage 1 Power @ 305 BHP)
    - Thunder Road 2011 Positioned 13th out of 60 high performance Vauxhalls

    Total Vauxhall Magazine Featured
    - June 2010 Issue 110 (VXR Special)
    - September 2011 Issue 126 (Race Inspired) – front cover and centrefold with Pirtek BTCC Team
    - Total Vauxhall Magazine PVS Show Stand Car 2010

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    VXRacing - AP Racing Kit CP5575-1008

    - AP Racing 6 Pot Callipers with VXRacing Logo with VXR Arden Blue Paint
    - AP Racing 362mm grooved floating discs and alloy bells
    - Goodridge Braided brake hose lines
    - Ferodo DS-2500 Racing Brake Pads
    - American Oils R600+ Brake Fluid
    - Electronic Anti-Lock Brakes
    - Electronic Brake Force Distribution
    - Electronic ESP (Yaw Control)

    The discs and pads are all brand new and are currently going through the bedding in stages. New calliper seals and brake fluid have been serviced.

    Component weight comparisons to standard Vectra VXR

    - Caliper & pads, VXRacing = 5.10Kg v's VXR Standard = 7.95Kg
    - Disc & bell, VXRacing = 8.75Kg v's VXR Standard = 12.10Kg
    - Corner weight, VXRacing = 13.85Kg v's VXR Standard = 20.50Kg
    - That is a 6.65Kg saving per corner.

    Pad Area:
    - VXR Standard Pad area= 84mm x 64mm
    - VXRacing Pad = 152mm x 54mm
    - That is 52% increase in Pad area

    Wheels & Tyres

    This car is fitted with a Tyre Pressure and Tyre Temperature Monitoring system (TPMS). It can be preset to warn you (audio beeping and visual display) for high/low pressures or high/low temperatures

    - Alloy Wheels are 888 Race Engineering genuine Vauxhall Vectra VXR spec – Code 5P2-88037GG

    Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2
    Size - 18 inch
    Width - 8J
    Stud – 5 x 110
    Offset – ET37
    Bore – 65.1 direct fit (No spigot rings required)
    Colour – Power Silver

    These wheels are much stronger than standard Vectra VXR alloys and a lot lighter. This means acceleration is improved and corner handling.

    I have three sets of tyres available included in the price (all 235/40/18 extra load)
    - Syron Race 1 Asymmetric (good budget tyres) @ 4.5mm tread
    - Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric (good branded tyres) @ 4.5 mm tread
    - Yokohama A038 (Hard Compound) Semi-Slick Racing Tyres (heat cycled once at Castle Combe for 15 minutes) – full video available (tyres stored in house during cold weather)


    - KW Variant 2 INOX Coilovers – Adjustable Rebound Damping Kit - Part Number : 15260027
    - Meyle Drop Links
    - Wiescher Strut Brace
    - Arrangements have been made for PowerFlex complete bushes upgrade including engine mounts (may be transferrable)

    This suspension replaces the standard IDS+ electronic suspension on the Vectra VXR. This means you can change the ride height front and rear, and change the softness / hardness of the suspension setup. I prefer it for looks, handling and adjustability.

    The car has been fully camber checked, corner balanced and four wheel aligned. Reports available.


    - 5 Paddle Clutch, custom built drive plate and new flywheel (rated at 450 BHP / 500 Lbft)
    - Quaiffe Automatic Torque biasing Limited Slip Differential (lifetime guarantee)

    The clutch and flywheel are new. I have also registered the Quaiffe LSD for its lifetime guarantee.

    Engine Power

    - Engine Remap (Courtenay Sport) Stage 2 (330 BHP / 430 Lb/ft)
    - Insignia VXR Turbo Upgrade
    - K&N Panel Filter
    - 3” Exhaust Downpipe upgrade
    - Pre-Catalyst Removed
    - Main-Catalyst Removed & Flanged (so can be replaced for MOT)
    - New Exhaust Lambda Sensor
    - NGK R7438-8 Racing Spark Plugs
    - Larger Double Capacity Water Radiator & Rerouted pipework for better cooling
    - RS Bonnet Vents for better cooling (Colour Coded)
    - Aerocatch Bonnet Pins (Colour Coded)

    This power is perfect for road use, very powerful low end torque for easy effortless motorway acceleration with good BHP for high rev country lane sprints. Do not underestimate how fast this car is. Its very capable of supercar high speeds.

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    Nitrous Oxide

    - Nitrous Oxide Wet System SB150i kit
    - 11 lb bottle
    - Bottle Heater with automatic thermostat regulated switch
    - Cabin Cockpit Arming Switch
    - Electronic Throttle Position Sensor
    - New Type Nitrous X-10 Solenoid
    - New Type Fuel X-10 Solenoid
    - Microbore Nylon High Pressure pipework

    Professionally installed by High Power Systems Ltd (Wizards of NOS)

    The Wet system means we inject a Nitrous Oxide and Fuel mixture into the inlet manifold. This works independently to the normal turbo power setup, so you don’t ever need to use it and it never interferes with normal day to day running or fuel consumption.

    When you want it, turn it on…. Advised for race days only as it is very very fast.

    400 BHP and 430 Lbft is high performance.
    Some additional training & education may be required for using this system.

    Cabin Interior

    - Irmscher Steering Wheel
    - Irmscher Alloy Foot Pedals
    - Irmscher Alloy Door Pins
    - Irmscher Alloy Tax Disc Holder

    - AutoGauge Electronic Boost Gauge (PSI) Fitted to bottom of ‘A’ Pillar
    - Fire Extinguisher fitted to passenger foot well
    - Windscreen Top Tint

    - CG Lock seatbelt harness. This means you can use your normal seatbelt as a locked lap harness for track days.

    - Classic Car Services Customer Leather Interior with BTCC tribute embroidery.
    Front Recaro Seats with extended leg support, Rear Seats, All Door Cards, All headrests, Centre Console, Gear Gator & Steering Wheel
    All covered in Andrew Muirhead fine Scottish Leather (as used in Bentley & First Class Boeing & Airbus air travel seating). This is high quality grain full leather. Not the PVC Vinyl backed standard Vauxhall). I have also added extra padding for more comfort.

    - Professional PDR100 16GB Solid State Recording system with remote control and switchable front rear Sony HQ1 bullet camera’s, as used by BTCC drivers. I use this for track days and ideal to switch between front and rear camera’s when overtaking and recording your success stories.

    Other cosmetic or bodywork changes

    - Genuine 888 BTCC Rear bumper diffuser (very rare)
    - Black powder coated rear exhaust tips
    - Black powder coated roof stub aerial
    - Debadged rear boot griffin logo
    - Black VXR logo on boot
    - Fitted VXR Badge to front Grille

    Good Bits

    Well this is an amazing car. All the above should demonstrate it’s a well balanced road and track capable car. I love it and its time with me has been outstanding. A real eye catcher and loads to talk about and I’m truly hoping this car goes to another enthusiast.

    Bad Bits

    There are no signs of mechanical faults on this car. Its got a full MOT and I’m personally happy its good to go. I have no issues for you to arrange a Professional Vehicle Inspection. However, I wont allow people to start dismantling the car. All installation paperwork is present for you to inspect.

    On my radar for things to go wrong in the future would be coilpacks (£50each).

    Wheels need paint refurb to make them perfect. I haven’t painted these because colour is a personal preference. So I’ll leave that for you to decide.

    Stone chips to front bumper and bonnet. This car has been at high speeds and picked up stone chips along the way. I decided to leave the paintwork absolutely original, so you can see what its like. Some prefer original paint, some prefer perfect paint. Again, I’ll let you decide.

    Small scuff on leather arm rest on drivers seat.

    Suspension is on its firm setting, so ride quality on rough roads can rattle, but its not terrible and this can be changed to a comfort setting if you wish.

    Some would describe my car as immaculate. I’d describe it as excellent condition for age

    Frequently Asked Questions


    - I’m 44 years old with 8 years no claims. It costs me £630 per year fully comprehensive to insure with protected NCB and I live in a medium risk area. All modifications are declared including Nitrous Oxide and vehicle valued at £20,000

    Nitrous Oxide

    Is it legal to use on UK Roads. Yes, Nitrous Oxide is legal to carry and use on UK Roads. All road laws apply. You break the speed limit and your breaking the law.

    How much does it cost to refill the bottle. About £70 max on this 11lb bottle.

    Is Nitrous Oxide flammable. No, Nitrous Oxide is an Accelerant not a Fuel. This means it cant be ignited accidentally.

    How much has been spent on the car

    Not that it matters, but around £17,000 on the modifications alone. More on scheduled maintenance. All receipts and documents to prove (full A4 binder)

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