Hi. I'm new on this site and to be honest I don't have a vectra-c just yet, but I am thinking about getting one in the near future. I have a few questions and wondered if anybody would be able to answer for me.
The car I'm thinking of is a vectra-c estate 2.2 direct injection petrol with manual transmission. Hopefully about 2005 but a slightly newer one with a face lift would be nicer.

1: what sort of mpg could I honestly expect?
2: I tow a caravan ( yes I admit that ! ), does anybody have any towing experience with this car & engine? I've read somewhere that the diesel was much better at towing but this was mainly down to the different gear ratios between the petrols & diesels.
3:I'm aware of timing chain issues, but any other known faults i could be advised of?
4: In the ( hopefully not too distant future I'd like to convert to LPG. Is this engine suitable? Does anybody know of any reputable places & indeed LPG systems?
5: do any of the models have half leather interiors - i have not seen one yet?
Any answers given, weather positive or negative, would be greatly appreciated.