Having thought that I had solved the problem I am dismayed to find that after the recent rain, my 55 plate Sig is still leaking rain water into the front passengers footwell and rear passengers footwell.

When the problem first arose I removed the rubber drain that sits below the pollen filter and dried the filter out. The rubber drain was full of muck and I didnt replace it as the guy on youtube said not to. I also cleaned out the drian hole underneath the scuttle tray on the drivers side of the car.

Job done I thought!! The car dried out with the recent heatwave.

Got into yesterday evening to drive to work after the rain and found the floor carpet were wet again.

Anybody got any other ideas as to how the water is still leaking into the car? I did think it might be the through the aerial but opinion seems to be that if it was, then the boot would be full of water.

Any ideas greatfully received,