Hi gusy, im hoping you lot can help me urgently.

I have recently been finding the Vectra (2.0dti 2003 y20dth) has been struggling to find gears, particularly 1st, however after multiple attempts it will find its way in. Yesterday i just couldn't find 3rd for what felt like ages, it finally slotted in.

Now, im worried my clutch is on the way out, however the problem having arisen so recently suggests to me it could be something else, as im experiencing no clutch slip or similar.

I did however bleed my brakes using an easybleed and im wondering if this has affected the fluid going to the clutch?

I changed the gearbox oil about 8 months ago and it was fine since then until now.

There is no leaking as far as i can tell, What should i do - keeping in mind garages are not really an option unless essential.