Hi All,

I'm having an issue with my RH front mirror and am hoping for some advice.....

The mirror took a knock while I was reversing down a tight country lane and managed to bend it completely back.

The mirror snapped back into place okay and there's no damage; however the electric adjustment no longer works. When I hit the switch for the driver's mirror the passenger mirror moves (I know it's supposed to do that) but my side doesn't.

Looking at my Haynes manual (for the pre face unfortunately) the wiring diagram doesn't seem to match what's installed; does anyone have the pinout for the motor unit so I can attack it with my multimeter at the weekend?

I have checked that the connector on the motor assembly is firmly seated (it is) but to no avail.

I can't see how I could've wrecked the motor assembly so I am thinking that I have dislodged some wiring somewhere inside the mirror or door; do I really need to remove the entire door card check the connection to the door control unit or is there an easier way?

Any advice that you could offer would be very much appreciated!



BTW, the car is a 55 plate facelift 1.9CDTI SRI (150)