Hi folks

This is my 1st post so please be gentle....

I was about to fit a nokia bluetooth phone kit to my father-in-law's 06 vectra elite until i discovered it didn't have a vda plug like my 52 plate elite.

I guess i'll just have to hard wire it in instead but i'm a bit stumped for some of the wiring.

I can get a permanent live from the cigarette lighter and a constant live and radio mute from the cd70 navi head unit wiring so thats ok.

I'm stuck for wiring in the nokia box sound output so it comes through the car stereo. This used to be possible through the vda as well as the other inputs (as i have it that way on my car) but how do i do it now??

I've used the search function but haven't been able to get the reqd info so apols if it's been covered before in another thread and i'm just crap at searching!

Thanks in advance for any/all help