A man sits at the bar in a Saloon, right next to him a very sad looking horse, sipping on a beer.
He asks the barkeep -Why does that horse look so sad?
barkeep replies -Don't know really, we call him stoneface, he never changes expression, but i tell you what, if you can make him laugh, i'll give you a shot of our best bourbon, for free!
-OK, said the guy, leaned over and whispered something in the horse's ear.
The horse started laughing and whinnying loudly, spilling out his beer.
-Well, i'm impressed, said the barkeep, serving him the bourbon as promised, what did you tell him ?
-That's between me and the horse, the man said.
-Well, i understand, said the barkeep, still pondering what the man said while he poured the horse a new beer.
Then he interrupts the man, as he is about to drink the last of the free bourbon:
-I'll tell you what, you can have a double bourbon, on the house, if you can make the horse cry!
-OK, said the man, but then the horse and I have to go out back.
The barkeep nodded, and the man and the horse went out to the back of the saloon. Half a minute or so later they both came back, the horse cried wildly, kicked a couple of barstools over and left.
The barkeep said
-Now you really have to tell me what you said to the horse, he has been a regular here for years, and i have never seen him show any emotions of any kind, how did you do it ?
-Well, said the man, first i told him that i had a bigger d%*k than he, and then he started laughing, then i took him out back and showed him !