After spending last night removing the DPF's from two Signums and gutting their insides we had Dave round from Coolcar this morning. Dave is the area rep for whom a lot of the forum members have used. Really nice guy and carried out the job without any fuss.

Couple of hours later and both cars have been remapped.

My mates: Signum 1.9 8v 120 2004 DPF and EGR removal along with an economy map.

Ours: Signum 1.9 16v 150 2006 DPF and EGR removal and perfomance map. The car already had a BSR 184 BHP remap so there is not a lot of change in performance.

Total cost for 2 cars: £400

I will add to this review once we have a couple of weeks driving done.

So if anyone needs a remap in the Buckingham and Northants area from MAS performance then give Dave a call.

Dave Graham - Cooldown Autos Ltd T/A Coolcar
Tel: 01604 935 122