hi, got a 08 sri vectra. i want to swap my display not sure what one it is, its the one up from the basic one with the trip computer on it the 3 line mabe? anyway i want the GID display, ive seen a few on ebay but i'm not sure(whats the part number?) whats what with these thing i do believe it need programming, ive got op-com so i think that should be ok, but is the screen from the pre facelift compatiable with the facelift, also is it just a case of plug it it and programme i dont have to change any plugs? i'm a wee bit in the dark with this, dnt want the cid too expencive and ive got a dvd/satnav head unit in so no need for it.
also what kind of price would it been for a new one from vx? lol