Right, from the top here we go,
bought signum 1.9cdti 120 however is the 16v engine de tuned I believe. 2004 model.

Bought car have 2 keys drove home and kicked into limp mode, got home eventually and pic of car and spanner sign showing, disconnected battery and left ten mins as advised on here then all was fine however no engine management light or glow plug light illuminated and major smoke on boost black.
tech 2 by a garage who said was boost pressure leak and DPF was 108% saturated this was reset, still smoking will clean at weekend, next problem was no heater took out glove box and plug was disconnected so plugged in and now it's constantly on 1 speed wether key in or not. And code p0650 showing tried too check for loose connection and now immobiliser car with padlock showing not a good start I guess any advice or where too start on these probs will be much appreciated.
also can I use tech 2 too re programme key without security code as its not with car?