So, had my car back 2 days now and I do have some good news....taking 2 months to replace the head seems to have done the trick - not lost any coolan tyet.

BUT, the work that they didn't do under warranty hasn't been done right - I told them there was a squeek coming form the engine at low speeds and low revs, they told me it was the poly v belt tensioner, so they changed it. Guess what, still squeeking.

I told them the air con didn't work, they regassed it and guess what, its still blowing out warm air (clearly didn't ****** test the thing)

And then get this - even though they charged me 80 quid for the above - the service manager said they air con regass should have been done as part of the head replacement, and the warranty company should have paid for it

I'm telling you know, the monkeys at Evans Halshaw Nottingham need to sort their ****** lives out and learn how to fix something