My 2004 signum has or had even a cdr2004 which has sadly died. So I need a replacement and as money is a little tight I found this on the halfords site Kenwood DPX404U USB CD-Receiver which pretty covers everything I need.

The only thing is now I need to persuade my OH that it's going to be dead easy to fit, it won't cost loads in bits and the steering wheel controls will still work. (I don't mind but he does!)

Can anyone give me nice and easy instructions on what's going to be needed So I can stun him with my techie know how.
I'm assuming from reading other threads that I have half canbus wiring due to a, it's a 2004 pre facelift and b, the steering wheel controls are 3 buttons on each side. So if someone has a aftermarket fitting list for a utter blonde I would be dead happy