Hi Guys and Gals

I got myself some mtec disks (grooved and Dimpled) and pads for the Signum a little ago and had them fitted, all working fine, stops well.

However when breaking from around 50+ I get a strange noise, the only way i can describe it, is like a washing machine slowing down from high speed.

I will try and get a recording of it on to youtube or something, the noise is worse if your breaking from motorway speeds, its like something is catching on the groove while braking, there is a very slight vibration as well but only very slight.

I thought I would give it a while for the breaks to bed in properly but I have done a few thousand miles with them now and its still happening.

Any thoughts / ideas welcome, I have had it looked at and they said it could be down to the pads or possibly the grooves filling up with so much dust while breaking.