Evening all,
Well to cut a long story short, I had a veccy c 2.0t with the z20net engine. I sold it december and have just bought back last week for what I hope was a bargain price!
In the 6 months my mate owned it he made sure to try and destroy it!
Anyway..I bought it back with an ECU fault. It went to a small vauxhall 'specialist' that has just gone out on his own after 20 years at vx.
Car would start, go about 50 metres and die, when trying to restart all electrics worked but NOTHING from ignition, no clicks nowt!

He has replaced the ecu with a second hand one. Car now starts first turn, drives constantly etc.
The issue is as he said the engine management light keeps coming on at random times. car still drives but feels like turbo etc shuts down to 'protect ecu'??
He thinks possibly a faulty ignition module? but no way of knowing without changing it, but its main delaer only, circa £150.
I know little about cars, but i thought he said it was possible knock sensor which is part of ignition module?
Does this make sense? or has anyone had this issue before?
If turn key off and back on it resets and runs fine again for a while.
If it is this module (SAAB) anyone know other places to get it cheaper?
Any help advice welcomed.