Had a brill couple of weeks, having decided to change my wheels as I needd new tyres anyway I finally found a decent set and go about fitting them. Sounds easy? That was 2 weeks ago.
Even though the wheels I got were et41 the same as the wheels I pulled off my siggy it would not clear the calipers so I had to order a set of spacers. Got the spacers 2 nights ago, got the first 3 wheels on fine the stripped the threads from the passenger side front hub !

Got a new hub from vx yesterday, fitted that then spotted spring had snapped, started to remove the arm so i could throw on a spring today and then spotted the inner drive shaft joint gator had started to split! FFS!

After chasing around the local factors gotta pair of springs and new gator and got them fitted with the final wheel today.

Have no recent pics but will add some soon.