We went to take a routine donation drop to local dog rescue, where Blue came from after my Rio died (see pics, Rio brown one).
We were met with hostility and suspicion, very strange as they know us well.
Turned out they's had a phone call, from a woman in Welshpool who said another woman in a dog rescue at Prees had told her we were selling Blue (insane, he's too old) and had had several dogs from them all of which had been sold for profit.
We explained Blue was going nowhere, and we'd never heard or been to this other rescue place - all sorted.
Monday I get a sh*tty letter saying it all over again but worse, and heavily hintin we should return Blue (who we "donated" £100 for as a pedigree collie). Enough was enough already. I sent local rescue crappy email advising of my surprise and irritation.
They gave me names of who complained and address of Kennels we'd allegedly had all these animals from.
Turns out the Welshpool woman was well dodgy and had, a few days earlier, threatened Wendy if we did not hand over the other, KC registered collie free of charge or question, she would see to it, using her contacts as GSD rescue, dog warden and RSPCA agent, to have all animals here removed and give us a load of hassle.
The other woman had said the kennel records proved we were selling dogs, so I phoned and emailed Kennel asking WTF. They said I had a silly name and my query was a joke go forth and multiply.
Four emails and twp phone calls later, owner admitted they had an employee called Donna, and their records showed nothing, she'd never heard or dealt with us. In her opinion no harm had been done, I should stop pestering her demaning1. a retraction 2. the member of staff explain her actions and 3. staff member be disciplined sufficiently to ensure it would never happen again. Apparently all 3 were unreasonable so I involved Police and made official complaint to GSD breed rescue and dog wardens. Fuming.Blue,Blanket.jpgdogs_003.jpg