Im looking at getting a double din fitted this weekend, had inheritance money and its burning a hole to say the least lol

has anyone got any insight on this unit or one similar to it, because ive always learned with past aftermarket stuff, you buy cheap.. you buy again

but this kinda kit in kenwood or pioneer is just too much, so hopefully someone might know what the quality is like?

also my signum has cd70 nav non colour screen, now.. if i was to have the xtrons unit, does that whole unit become inactive?
for example would the nav still work or would it just be a blank screen?
lastly, how hard would it be to incorporate the steering controls? i know a cheap auto electrician but he doesnt like hard jobs lol

sorry for the million questions guys i just dont want to waste my money
(im half toying with buying a used colour screen cd70)
thanks in advance