first off thanks to tangoman for sending me an old style red and black `SRi` badge, not even been used yet, awesome
now after offering it up to the car in various places, i think it will work vey well, i`ll be after another 3 so i can use all 4 to attach to the car, not sure hwo to fit it securely to the sport grille yet, but i`m sure i`ll figure a way when the time comes, just stickin it on might not do,
anyway the boot won`t be a problem straight forward stick it on, as for the sides, well, being that the original `SRi` badges are a lot bigger than the silver ones currnel on the car, they won`t go or fit in place of, so it looks like the doors will be the place to go i think, just above the door strip.

once i`ve got all 4 i`ll set about gettin them on the car, its the only `old skool` idea i`ve had to do to the vectra as anythin else wise either won`t go, might not work or worse not available