Driving home i went to put the windows back up and the drivers side stopped. Thought it was weird because the passenger one carried on up and closed fine. I assumed i may have let the button go a millisecond too early so i hit the button again which was followed by a rather loud bang/thud after the window had fully closed.

I assumed id just hit a pothole or it was something outside, so i hit the button again just to make sure the window had closed properly this time and that was followed by yet another bang/thud.

At this point i had a feeling it was the window so i tried to lower it and nothing. I could here the motor running but the window stayed where it was.

Got home and i pushed the window down, i was hoping it would just slide back into place and work fine (not knowing how these things work or are put together.. bit optimistic i know). Anyway i've managed to slide it back up to close the window (albeit some of the rubber on the outside is now tucked in half, but i didn't want to mess around with it too much next to a main road at rush hour for obvious reasons).

I've read a few posts and im assuming its gonna be whatever it is that the spot welds break on (hence the loud bangs), and im gonna need to drill and rivit it.

Do you reckon the window will be ok until the weekend (i don't have a drive, so i need to borrow the old girl's, but i work til 6pm and im assuming its not a 10 minute job). The rubber seems to be holding it pretty tight (probably what has caused the issue in the first place).

Secondly, does anyone have any tips, how-to's, pictures or anything else that will help. Im not exactly mechanically minded so the more info i can get for the weekend the better.