Mine was sitting on the plane last year reading the in flight magazine as we were waiting to take off. I came across an article about airport parking. It gave me a warm feeling and put a smug smile on my face because my mate had dropped us off in the hearse and would be waiting to pick us up on return.

Yep my mate had my car and my keys. Then I remembered on my keys he also had the keys to 3 out of the 4 suitcases, one was a combi-lock. Looked across the aisle to my wife and kids and told her. She smiled thinking I was joking then realised by my expression that it was for real. Got to Egypt and had to break open 3 of the cases and as they were Carlton and Delsey cases that meant the locks were trashed. Would you believe that I could not buy luggage straps anywhere in Egypt!!!

This year I won't have that problem though as I bought 3 new combi-lock ones!!