I am thinking of upgrading my CD30 to a CD70 Navi.

I am mainly interested in the Aux-In side as I want to connect my iPod properly. I currently used a hard wired FM transmitter and it's OK but every now and then it sounds rubbish.
The Sat Nav bit is a bonus.

I have a full canbus prefacelift car and I am confused as to what I will need for the upgrade.

1) If the CID screen is from a facelift car will it fit into a prefacelift car with a monochrome screen (TID??). Or do I need to get a new prefacelift vent surround for a CID?

2) What is needed to get the Aux In working? Do I need a CD70 with Aux-In on the menu, a Aux-In loom and then the tray with the headphone socket?

3) What is the best map disc to have? I would like postcode lookup and traffic announcements.

4) Do you need a radio/security code?