Hi guys, my name is Adrian and i'm from the west of Ireland, the vectra is a great car for my country lifestyle! it'll pull a horsebox in a field, it'll tow other cars in the snow and it'll carry all my dj equipment at weekends, yet give her a quick wash and a hoover and hey presto you have a comfortable spacious car for 4 adults and their luggage to be comfortably accomodated in style!

i used to own a 2005 black sri 150bhp sat nav vectra with over 160,000 on the clock, i owned it from 98000 miles and in the 60,000 miles of my ownership i had a few of the usual issues but it was still the best car ive ever owned, they're so safe, solid, reliable and comfortable, fast, well spec'd etc! realy want another one as im sad to have sold mine, but from lookin for one with the same spec i find it very rare to find a 150 sri with the nav, why is this??

my budget is €4500 or stg3500, also, am i better to buy a high mileage vectra that has had flywheel, clutch, alternator etc replaced, or a 90,000 mile example with all this likely to need doing in the future??