Following on from my previous thread on V-Power Diesel and the related drop in economy I had with it, I've now moved on to Aral Ultimate diesel. BP is called Aral in Germany, I think mainly due to political sensitivities. As always, I add one measure of Millers Diesel power plus for every 20 litres of Diesel.

On reading their website through good old , I've managed to find out that the BP Ultimate in Germany has a minimum cetane number of 60 as opposed to 55 in the UK. Aral reckon its got the highest cetane number of any Diesel available on the consumer market. Your standard run of the mill diesel will have a cetane number somewhere around 49-51.

Now, on to how it actually runs with this fuel. As with the V-Power, this fuel reduces visible smoke emissions to almost zero even on full throttle. This is good as it means the car is burning pretty much all of the injected fuel. Good news for the EGR system and the general wellbeing of the valves and injectors. Performance is definitely up, most noticeable from low revs and even more power than with V-Power.

Economy is where this fuel really scores points over V-Power. After driving a friend down to Dortmund airport yesterday, I can say that the car is not only more economical than it was with V-Power, its more economical than it has been with any fuel. The engine is also a good bit quieter when running on Ultimate. It was never overly noisy but you can definitely hear the difference when standing outside the car with the engine running.

Short of any groundbreaking developments I'll be sticking with this fuel and my usual dose of Millers DPP. Definitely worth a shot even with the lower cetane value of the UK version of this fuel.