I was on the way home on Thursday after selling a Bass guitar to a guy in a car park, as you do.

I was going through Methley near Leeds in a 40 mph zone in a fairly built up bit. It is a known mobile speed camera area but I do not speed through it anyway, never have. So I was doing 39.5 mph and I had seen this lad on the path at my side, he was looking at a corsa slowing down to a stop on the opposite side, I assumed it was a friend or relative. Totally without looking he ran in front of my car towards the corsa, I dived on the brake and the car nose dived and the ABS kicked it, with only a little squeal the car came to a total stop. I stalled it too. I just sat there for a second then looked at this lad, now at the window of the corsa and an old guy asked him "Where is the Rugby club? I just exclaimed "What the F#^7?" in disbelief. The lad said sorry and put his hand up. I could hardly compose myself enough to drive away.

Anyway my point being, if the cars' braking system wasn't as good as it was, if I hadn't recently put four new boots on and if it had rained, I would probably have hit him. I was shocked for hours after. Closest I have ever been to a pedestrian encounter.

So well done to Vauxhall for saving my sanity, that kids life and the old guys guilty conscience for shouting him from across the road.