Hi Everyone,
This is reference to my 2005 Vectra 3.0CDTI
Was ok then started getting low water level warning. Level only needed to be 15mm below cold level to fault. Kept topping up and needed around 1/2 litre a week. Never see any water leak and no overheating and good stable temp and running. Been like this weeks now and just fitted a new expansion bottle cap and pressure valve. Now get warning in about 2 days.
Now have actually seen water dripping. On the back of the engine bay bulkhead behind exhaust downpipe, is a black rubber bung or bulb, sticking out around 40mm. Water seems to be seeping out through the rubber, and seems to be with pressure in the system.
Anyone know what this actually is and its purpose, i am thinking it might be linked to the heating system, but not really sure.
Any info/help much appreciated
Thanks, Mawbs.