Hi all,

I'm in the process of arranging a discount of 10% with Thorney Motorsport on their new Vauxhall approved remap for the CDTi engines.

I have spent 2 days speaking with John Thorne and they have now developed the ECU remap.

Power gains of 30BHP and 50lbs torque. He has also quoted a 10% better fuel economy. They have installed over 100 now and are about to put the upgrade on their website. Thorney approved Vauxhall main dealers have already started installing them.

The cost is £499 fitted less the 10% discount. If you are interested please see this thread I have started on insignia-enthusiast.


I'm going up to Milton Keynes to have the remap and the 30mm lowering eibach kit fitted with a dyno run on 11th June.