Hi folks
Have a bad feeling about my vec at the moment- when i got to start it i wait for the heater light to go out and she starts ok but if i wait for the light to go out but not start the car right away then when i go to start it i have to turn her over for A LOT logger than normal and when she finally starts a big plume of smoke comes out the exhaust. any suggestions???

Also i think i need new brakes at the front ( I think?) i have a sound of chirping coming from the front when i brake, i had the resrs done last summer so i know they are fine. i have no idea what my brakes should look like and was going to take it to kwick fit to have a "free" brake check but i dont want to be ripped off. I was looking at brakes (discs and pads) on eBay for the front and maybe get them fitted at my local garage. What is the differnce in the drilled and grovved brake discs and is there much of a diference/ noise?

my car is a Facelift C- SRI 120 hach 50,000miles 57 plate