Car 2.2 SRI Automatic 03 plate

Approx 3 years ago, the car was not engaging when changing gear. Speed Sensor done and problem solved.

Recently car has been dropping into limp mode, I put it into auto transmission garage and code read that solenoids needing doing, garage said that they would not guarantee that this will solve the problem. £500 later problem solved but returned after a few weeks.

Since the car is sporadically dropping in and out of limp mode, codes read speed sensor, but while waiting to have it done, car has died completely. I was driving along the road and suddenly it was like the clutch had gone, although this is an automatic.

Codes now read speed input and output sensor. (P 0720 and P0715) Both of these changed (£200) and still car goes no where. Before changing the sensors the car took ages to return to its idle point when revved, this has now returned to normal after the speed sensors have been changed.

The sensors now have a field remedy and have had the grease applied to prevent this happening again.

The car was serviced only a few weeks ago.

I phoned Vauxhall as my research has shown that my car was possibly recalled. I was correct and it was between 2006 and 2007. The work due was to change an ‘o’ ring between the radiator and the gearbox The car was not taken in by the owner and Vauxhall now say they will not complete the work as the recall is 5 yrs old. I will be arguing this with them.

We are having the codes cleared after changing the sensors to see if that is over riding the new sensors but I am not hopeful.

Would anyone have any ideas as this appears to be a common problem and my bank account has run dry!!
I was wondering about the gear selector switch, but this looks expensive.

Next step I guess is a new car, in which case I cant do it as I don't have the funds.

Many thanks