Hi guys, recently changed my timing chain kit and balancer shaft chain kit on my signum 2.2 direct (z22yh engine). Everything was fine until a couple of days ago when I was getting a strange grinding/scratching noise coming from around that area on the engine.

I decided to open it all up and have a good look around incase something was wrong. Everything was fine but I then noticed the sprocket on the water pump was pretty much past it, some teeth were broke and damaged.

When we done the chains a few weeks ago it actually turned out the timing chain was fine but it was the balancer shaft chain which was causing the rattle, as it was very loose. This must be what has caused the damage to water pump sprocket.

Anyway I'm wondering if this water pump sprocket is a part which can be bought on its own somewhere or does it come with the water pump? When i bought the balancer shaft kit from vauxhall it defo wasnt included, I would have been none the wiser if it was meant to be included as it was the first time I had done this chain lol.

Is there a part number for this aswell

Cheers in advance