Hi everyone,

I was setting a 3 way 12v socket that purchased from a car boot (uh oh!). I plugged in only one item (in-car DVR device) and nothing happend. No lights and no charging. I unplugged the 3-way adapter and tried the front and back sockets with the charger and it worked. re-tried the 3 way adapter and it wouldnt work. cursing myself for buying something like that from a car boot sale I locked up the car and went to get the missus as we we're going out to enjoy the weather. Got back to the car 5 mins later, unlocked the car then went to the boot to put the picnic in in. It wouldnt open. I pressed the key fob and tried the controls on the doors (which beeped) but it wouldnt release. I had to use the key in the lock to unlock it. I put everything in the boot and closed it but it didnt catch. I tried a few more times but no joy. I could hear the electric motor working when I pressed the button on the boot.The only thing I could do was use the key again to lock the boot shut, there is still movement when its locked (as per the video below). When I drive off I get the boot open icon on the dash I BONG when I pull away.


I went to check the fuse but that was a little confusing as well.

According to the haynes mannual F18 is the Tail gate lock. My F18 is empty!
There is an electricall operated Tailgate fuse at F22 which is a 30A fuse but I think that automatically opens the tailgate which I dont have PLUs I have a 5A fuse in there. I'm not sure if the haynes mannual is correct or if my fuse box has random fuses in them!
In F6 and F7 are 30A fuses but haynes says this is for the Rear electric windows which I dont have!!

Can anyone shed some light on my tailgate issue and fuses!!! Maybe take a pic of their Vectra SRi Hatchback rear fuse box?