Our day started, not at 8am as we'd planned, to be at the hospital on time. For those not up to speed they scheduled Wendy's MRI results for the same day and time as the Demon Tweeks day and won't budge. Been waiting for the results for 3 months to see what happened and clear Wendy fully - or not, for driving.
Instead, it started at around 1am when our idiot rear neighbour decided to start. He'd been quiet up till then, but we were woken by loud shouting and heavy banging, ie "whoa-o-o- oh, Whoa-o-o-oh BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM" Only hope he was banging his head.
Got fed up around 1am and phoned police, the Control room could hear the banging and shouting, said it was "completely unacceptable" and sent and non local (long story) car round. Not knowing the area they drove up and down the road, soon as he saw the police car he shut up - but they'd already heard and recorded it so they had "words"
Managed to get a few hours sleep, with one ear twitching in case it started again, having coffee now the off the our luvverly local hospital - good luck at Demon Tweeks guys, we're with you in spirit!