Ok fella's I have a Signum with Vauxhall fitted Parking Pilot front and rear.

I had an intermittent problem with them for a while. Sometimes they would work other times I just got the bell ringing along with the illuminated sign on the dash to signal there was a fault, it depended what mood they were in as to whether they worked or not.

Now they never work!! No ringing no illuminated sign on the dash, NOTHING!!

Has any one had a similar problem that could possibly point me in the right direction, I'm thinking a switch that activates them when you put the car in reverse was on its way out and has now gone kaput all together, but then again I could be talking out of my a--se!!

Any help, info or advice much appreciated I need to get this sorted soon as the atmosphere monster uses the car much more than I do and she keeps telling me how much she relies on them and very often forgets that they are not working