hi put £30 diesel in my 1.9cdti on wednesday at garage i havn't used yet and low and behold the next morning loss of power until turbo kicked in kangaroo juice, won't rev up properly very scary setting off at a junction let me add!!. checked number 3 injector and seems fine had diesel filter changed and exactly the same so after reading on here have cleaned the egr went for a drive after and it ran like a dream, untill i set off for work this morning, wouldnt start, filled street with white smoke (when i got it going) and kangaroo jump back,so thought i would thrash it in 4th all the way to work and seemed to sort its self out, was fine starting/driving when i came home to. checked the pipes yesterday and one was split so changed it, all others look fine. any ideads guys?? only had the car a month. could it just be dodgey diesel??